Chuck Rifici and Tweed Feud

Recent tweets from Tweed co-founder Chuck Rifici have given the strong impression that he harbours some angst towards Tweed or at least towards some of the people who run it. It remains publicly unknown why he got voted out of the Tweed island but it is likely the source of his negative feelings towards them. Whatever the reason is it must have been something colossal to want to kick out one of the founding members. One would think that you would rather have Rifici on the Tweed team than against.

Now Chuck appears to want revenge with the launch of his new company, Cannabis Wheaton. To form a larger LP than Tweed perhaps seemed daunting so his plan is to gather a bunch of smaller fries. Whether Cannabis Wheaton is a well-thought out idea or just a desperate attempt to make another name for himself in the weed game remains to be seen. He may not be necessarily driven by revenge but you have to think that it’s a big part of his fuel mixture.

Rifici tweeted that he has sold off all of his Tweed shares and referred to it as, “good riddance.” I wouldn’t doubt that his sell off of millions of shares contributed to a recent drop in Tweed’s share price. Any comment he has recently expressed about Tweed have appeared to be jabs. Just days ago he announced the “poaching” of Tweed’s master grower.

If I were Chuck Rifici I would be swimming in the millions of dollars he has gained from shares of Tweed, Aurora Cannabis and Supreme Pharmaceuticals instead of tears and rage but it’s probably not about the money anymore.



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